Elementary Education Assessment

An elementary education assessment basically outlines the results of assessing either teachers or students at the elementary level of education. While students subject to such an assessment need to have simple ideas as per their level, teachers assessed so will need to have clear concept of all elementary subjects so as to create a strong base for all children.

Sample Elementary Education Assessment

Title of the Assessment: Blooms School Elementary Education Assessment

Assessment format:

  • The assessment will be held in the form of a comprehensive process, testing various skills in the individuals applying for teaching herein.
  • Primarily it will be a written test, with 65% emphasis on the respective subject, 20% on knowledge of all subjects and the remaining will analyze his/ her capability in mixing favourably with students and clearly communicating with them, presenting oneself properly, instilling important values, etc.
  • The written test of one-and-half hours will be followed by an interview of the selected candidates, the result of which will not affect the final calculation of score or points earned, but will help in creating a final and permanent impression.

Categories of Assessment:

  • Knowledge in English and a second language, reading, conversation and comprehensive skills.
  • Knowledge in Mathematics and its proper applications.
  • Scientific approach and rational outlook is essentially important in every would-be teacher, as much as is a clear and informative knowledge of social sciences, as these are two very important subjects which should be involved in every curriculum to build responsible future citizens of the nation.
  • Physical Fitness and General Knowledge is required to be had and candidates should also be able to impart these education.
  • Evaluative and analytical skills to be possessed.

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