Elementary Reading Assessment

An elementary reading assessment is an evaluation of the basic and primary reading skills of a student, usually of a child who has just been introduced to the concepts of reading and writing in primary school. An elementary reading assessment must mention the particulars of the student and establish a firm basis on which the student will be marked or graded. It should test his reading, pronunciation, comprehension and ability to grasp the sense of passages.

Sample Elementary Reading Assessment:

Date of reading assessment: 23rd June 2012

Teacher in Charge: Mrs. Jane Barrymore

The following document is the reading assessment report of Drew Rogers [aged 7] of Greenfield Valley School, Standard 1. The student has been graded on the following qualities:

  • Reading and Pronunciation: The student has scored 6 out of 10 in this section of the reading assessment. Her pronunciation has shown remarkable signs of improvement from the last assessment conducted in which she scored 5.
  • Comprehension: She has scored 4 in the comprehension section of the elementary reading assessment. Drew needs to improve in her comprehension. She reads passages without understanding their full import. Hence, she does not derive the joy from reading which her classmates achieve, and she finds reading a tedious exercise.

  • Retention: Drew has scored 5 in the retention section of the assessment. She needs to build on her memory skills, and this is a slow and laborious process. However she has shown signs of repeating words which she had read out, and recognizing them when spoken in different contexts.

Total Score: 15 out of 30

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