Emotional Health Assessment

Emotional Health assessment is the method of assessing one’s general emotional health. It debunks the elements of the emotional structure which is given credence by supplanting into the psychological stability of the person. Thus it should be written extolling the strengths and criticising the weaknesses of the person in a precise form.

Sample Emotional Health Assessment

Name of the agency: John’s Emotional Wellness Centre

Assessment done by: Pamela Butler, Counsellor

Description of tools: The assessment tools have a solid material basis as the examinations are held in replicated situations which trigger original responses from the examinee using human subjects.

Purpose of assessment: The report is an instance of the fundamental emotional make-up of the patient that directly empowers him to take suitable actions for absolute control over them in potential situations.

Domains explored through the assessment:

  • Resistance to anger surge
  • Frequency of spiritual perambulations
  • Compassion and empathy
  • Solemnity in accomplishments
  • Depressive bouts
  • Alignment of response patterns
  • Reflective undercurrent of conscience

Methodology used: The assessments are conducted fiercely complying with the tenets of psychological experiments, tests, interviews and verbatim reports.

Benefits accrued: Following the psychological dogma, advices are given on effective control of anger, appropriate responses, mental assets, nurturing of inner strengths and stabilization of tumultuous mind, all of which form a part of the domain of one’s personal prerogative.

Contemplations required for successful analysis: It should be ensured that the participant is not faking or trying to form impressions. A scale of validity must be developed along with the diagnostic scale for this purpose.

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