Employee Assessment Format

Employee assessment is one of the effective tools through which professional attitude, skills and abilities could be measured. This kind of assessment is conducted by the HR professionals of an organization. Hence, such kind of employee assessment format should be designed with proficiency so that an optimum assessment report could be achieved.

Sample Employee Assessment Format

Name of the employee ________________

Designation ____________________

Date ______________________

First Paragraph: On the very first paragraph the importance and purpose of the employee assessment should be justified efficiently so that employees could analyze its contribution in upbringing the productivity of the company. Even one should effectively analyze the employee’s overall performance and recent developments.

Second Paragraph: This particular paragraph is considered as one of the important section of the entire assessment document. This help the authority to realize how much successful an employee is on the current job profile. It also emphasizes on certain crucial areas of the job position where employee’s performance is assessed for making improvement, if required. It should also stress on knowledge level of the employees to find out how much the employee is concerned about the nitty-gritty of the job. This also helps to gauge the efficiency of an employee.

Third Paragraph: The final paragraph should concentrate on future goals of the company. This helps to assess employee’s ability to meet the company’s future objectives. Through the evaluation made in this paragraph, a company can actually determine how much an employee is compatible to sustain challenges and committed in fulfilling company’s dream.

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