Employee Assessment Template

Employee assessment document measure the efficiency and performance of the employees of an organization. Such kind of document is presented by the HR professionals of an organization to the employees. Thus, an employee assessment template serves a layout to outline the essential points so that the intended purpose of the company serves at its best through the assessment.

Sample Employee Assessment Template

Name of the employee ____________________ [mention the name of the employee who is responding the assessment]

Age ______________ [mention in years]

Present designation in the company ____________________ [the employee should state his or her present designation so that his performance related to the job profile can be assessed at its best]

Nature of the job _____________________________ [the employee should briefly describe the nature of the job he or she has to perform]

Mention how often you receive promotion?


Do your senior authorities is quite happy with your flawless work or do they have to face issues everyday with the work you do?


Does the job offer you right opportunities? If no, then what more you expect from this job?


Do you think the performance you deliver is satisfactory or does it need a bit of improvement?


How long you are associated with this company?


Are you aware of the company’s future goal? If yes, mention briefly according to you what are they?


Do you think you are compatible enough to fulfill the company’s future goals?


What are the hindrances you faced while working in this position?


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