Employee Health Assessment

An employee health assessment refers to the body of information derived from health analysis of the working members of an organization. It is the responsibility of the employers to conduct searing campaigns and awareness programs to raise alertness against health hazards. Therefore it should be prepared as a determined stand against unhealthy practices.

Sample Employee Health Assessment

Name of the organization: Lafarge Nuclear Plant

Year of foundation: 2004

Assessment organized by: Herman Brubaker, Health Expert

Date of assessment: 4th September, 2009

Name of the employee: Jacob Morgeson, Atomic worker

Purpose behind assessment: Health examination is a reported effort to mark and express the bodily complaints so that experts can work on them and give adequate directions regarding the resolution.

Negative effects of deteriorated health:

Good vision and adequate hearing are the prerequisites for sound working causing minimum accidents.

Fatigued body is a precondition of heightened unproductiveness thus dropping the work curve in advance.

Age is the most important factor in determining one’s health as biological functioning is greatly reduced putting the individual at great risk.

Alcohol consumption is one major source of visibly detectable underperformance.

Report of the employee’s health:

The present worker is suffering from disturbances in thyroid, bone and lung functioning which may be attributed to his prolonged working in hazardous conditions without safety equipments.

Spontaneous absorption of radiations makes him even more susceptible to develop leukaemia in future and cause permanent genetic damage.

Prognosis rate: The chance of cure is very less as the worker has already reached a perilous position which can aggravate the situation if he continues to work.

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