Employee Personality Assessment

An employee personality assessment is a very important tool used by the HR departments of most companies to draw a comparison and success ratio of an individual’s progress. It is an interactive question answer format that enables to judge the personality of an individual as far as his professional behavior is concerned. This is a very helpful assessment as it helps in making accurate predictions about an employee’s nature of work and maturity.

Sample Employee Personality Assessment

Name: Will Smith.

Age: 29 years.

Company: Matrix.com.

Date of evaluation: May 21, 2012.

Conducted by: St. Columbus Assessment foundations, New York

Tests undertaken by the candidate:

1. Success test-

This test is conducted by taking into account the performances and results of the employee’s career at the company and a comparison is drawn between the performances at his/her previous company bringing in the result of his/her success rate. The score is 17 on 20.

2. Colleague test-

This test is a very important one as it takes into account the relationship of the candidate with his/her colleagues at the company. His/her interactions with the others outside his department are also taken into account. The candidate showed excellent team build up with his colleague and exhibited a very good sense of mutual respect and possesses a deep sense of understanding. The candidate scored a total of 19 out of 20 in this test.

3. Dedication and determination test-

This test is a very nice way of testing the employee of his/her dedication towards the company. The candidate is made to face artificially created situations that bring out the dedication he possesses for the company including the love for his company and the commitments and compromises he makes to achieve a higher rate of success for the organization. The candidate showed excellent sincerity for the company and his dedication is praiseworthy. He scored 18 out of 20 in this test.

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