Employee Self Assessment

Employee self-assessment serves as an effective tool in evaluating one’s performance in the workplace within a certain span of time. This can be conducted monthly, quarterly or annually and comes across as a useful weapon in arguing promotion claims with one’s employer. The assessment tracks previous work performances and compares it with the current record thereby tracing the trajectory of one’s growth or decline in that specified time period.

Sample Employee Self Assessment

Name of the Employee: Robert Brown

Designation: Assistant Finance Manager

Assessment Report submitted to: Worker’s Association, Blooming Group Of Company

Date of submission of report: February 5, 2012

Previous assessment summary:

  • 90% attendance at work.
  • Successfully led his team to accomplish the year’s audit projects.
  • Received the most honest employee’s award.
  • Praised for efficiency.
  • Promoted from Junior Assessment Manager to Senior Assessment Manager.

Employee Self Assessment for the year 2011-2012:

  • 95% attendance at work.
  • Led from the front. Accomplished a chain of important projects with his team.
  • Planned, designed and kick-started a host of other new projects that are scheduled to be completed by 2013.
  • One of the most significant contributors in making the finance wing of the company emerge as one of the most efficient sector in the country.
  • Reputed for being punctual, known to submit projects well before deadline.
  • One of the top contenders for this year’s most honest employee award.
  • Known to be a team worker. Well-accepted and loved among colleagues

Areas of improvement:

  • Tends to get nervous when confronted with stressful situations.
  • Tends to get molded by colleagues easily that at times leads to taking wrong decision.
  • Fumbles while taking big decisions.


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