Energy Market Assessment

An energy market assessment is the examination and reporting of a certain specific market that deals particularly with energy and its various forms. Energy market may include either of renewable or non-renewable sources or both and the assessment will have to be conducted accordingly. This type of an assessment generally requires the involvement of experts in the field of energy market, else can be conducted with the help of sample formats for the same.

Sample Energy Market Assessment:

Energy Market Assessment


Joseph George Peterson

[Executive Director]

State Board of Energy Resources

Assessment commissioned by: Industry for Harnessing of Energy, New York

Date of assessment: 28th December, 2011

Members of the assessment team: John Parker [Manager]

Kelly Richards [R&D Head]

Purpose of assessment: The main objective of this energy market research is to study the market status for energy resources and thus harness new and advanced forms of energy based on the demands and environmental factors and the nature’s capability to support those.

Nature of assessment: The assessment has been conducted thoroughly, in a very sincere and strict manner, so as to include all the important aspects that comprise a typical energy market. Both renewable and non-renewable forms of energy have been studied, with thorough examination of their needs, impact, and scope of development.

Conclusions drawn from the assessment:

  • Energy market status: The condition of the energy market has been studied as part of the assessment. The renewable or non-conventional forms of energy have been found to be at par in attaining appreciable market shares as compared to the non-renewable or conventional forms, a result quite different from the past trends.
  • Energy market and environment: The energy market has been assessed to have a direct impact on the environment. While the renewable energy sources can be safely termed as eco-friendly, the non-renewable ones cause enough harm to the environment.

  • Cost: The energy market costs for the harnessing of renewable energy sources are high compared to those of the non-renewable ones, on an average, owing to their safe nature and many other benefits.

  • Market demands: There has been a mixed trend as far as the customer demands for energy is concerned, mostly based on availability of the energy source in the particular locations and also the economic status of various groups of clients.

Graphs and drawings have been attached herein.

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