Engineering Career Assessment

Engineering career assessment is an instrument devised to identify an individual’s interest, future objectives and potentiality for initiating a career in this field. This kind of assessment paperwork must be framed in such a way so that it becomes effective in gauging all the indispensable factors related to an engineering career.

Sample Engineering Career Assessment

Name of the participant: Richard Matthew

Highest degree of education: Completed O level with Science as Major

Purpose of the assessment:

Engineering career is spreading like a wildfire, but this profession seeks for individuals with a technical bend of mind. This assessment is performed to solicit an individual’s intention for occupying a job position in this field and whether he or she meets the desired qualification and work traits.

Assessment Strategies:

  • Various educational and training data of the participant is accumulated for comprehensive study regarding his or her aspiration for the particular career.
  • Other factors like psychological test and technical skill ability test is being performed to estimate the participant’s competency and mental set up.


This kind of career assessment have benefits as it helps the aspirant to identify the right direction for achieving career objective and it also helps to find whether the particular career option is suitable for him or not.

Assessment Report:

The assessment report consolidated from the accumulated data signifies that the participant is at his or her initial stage and needs to undertake specialized course on the field of engineering for acquiring job position in this field. Moreover, this specialization would help the person to acquire knowledge on a particular field of engineering.

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