Environmental Health Assessment

An environmental health assessment is a document which highlights the importance of the environment, as well as the health hazards that a polluted environment can pose to us. It is crucial in this time of high pollution and diminishing tree cover that environmental health assessments are given their due importance. The proposals for improvement must be taken seriously and implemented to the best of one’s ability.

Sample Environmental Health Assessment

Environmental health assessment conducted by: Tree Care Pvt. Ltd. [a non-governmental initiative of the Environ Group]

Date of submission of environmental health assessment report: 22nd July 2011

Environmental health assessment report submitted to: The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, Government of Alaska.

Purpose of environmental health assessment:

  • This environmental health assessment traces the impact of arsenic poisoning in the Alaskan belt. Massive influx of arsenic in the soil water has made the water unfit for consumption or irrigation and thus, it poses a huge health hazard.
  • This environmental health assessment has been commissioned by the state government of Alaska and has been conducted by our best trained professionals including chemical engineers from MIT.
  • The report has been tabulated by Robert Jacobson, an internationally noted green rights activist. He has taken the initiative to device inexpensive ways of filtering the ground water in this region so that health and arsenic free water is available for consumption at low costs.

We hope that the suggestions put forth in the report [check enclosed document] will be implemented at the earliest by the state government in order to put an end to arsenic poisoning.

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