Environmental Office Assessment

An environmental office assessment is an exercise by which the environmental hazards posed by an office can be gauged and appropriate measures can be taken to cut down wastage and unnecessary damage to the environment. Care should be taken to explore myriad aspects in this assessment, and its purpose and strategy must be clearly enunciated.

Sample Environmental Office Assessment

First words: This environmental office assessment has been created by the University of Middleton to survey the concrete steps taken by offices and multinationals in the vicinity of the University regarding the environment. The data collected from the survey of approximately 20 office buildings will then be presented to the Council for Environmental Safety, Washington for its perusal. This project is part of the GREEN WORLD initiative, taken jointly by the Council and the University.

  • Office surveyed: Jensen and Nicholson Pvt. Ltd.
  • Location: 23rd Maplewood Avenue, Middleton, Washington
  • Date of survey: 23rd June 2011 to 30th June 2011
  • Project supervisor: Prof. Jason Argive, Department of Environmental Studies, University of Middleton
  • Project leaders: Samantha Collins and Julia Andrews, doctoral students, Department of Environmental Studies, University of Middleton.

Section 1: Reuse and Recycling

Parameters checked for:

  1. Does the office [check overleaf for an outline of the architectural structure of the building, number of floors, materials used and so on] reuse and reycle the paper it uses?
  2. Does the office reuse [or not use at all] cardboard, paper, glossy magazine etc?
  3. Are durable and environmentally safe materials used in the layout of the office building?

Section 2: Energy Consumption

  1. What is the kind of electricity used in the office?
  2. Are monitors, printers, photocopiers the primary gadgets used in the office? How much of the electricity consumption do they account for?
  3. What was the last electricity bill amount paid?

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