Experience Job Assessment

An experience job assessment is the evaluation of those areas of experience that validates the concerned job. Certain jobs are totally dependent on prior exposure and experience so that these can be carried out without frequent consultations and support from others. It is an organised process conducted by the employer to see if the candidate fulfils each criterion to the desired effect.

Sample Experience Job Assessment

Name of the candidate: Nadia Samuelsson

Name of the job: Fashion designing

Educational credentials: Final year student at National School of Fashion Designing and Art (NSDA), Glasgow.

Purpose: This would enable the candidate to know the critical fields of experience in the job.

Fields in which experience is counted:

  • The candidate is expected to be thorough with the types of textiles, their usability, popularity, durability and sale value in the market.
  • He has to know the aesthetic significance of the textile on which he decides to start working.
  • An experience is required to learn what cuts flatter what type of figures.
  • He should know what fashion rules the world and what appeals to particular sections.
  • He should also be acquainted with the tactics to cater to the tastes and sensibilities of people for accomplishment of haute couture.
  • He should be completely familiarised with the accepted prints to define different designs.
  • An additional familiarity is required for use of embellishments like sequins, laces, buttons, ribbons and nets.
  • It is experience that makes a designer understand the personality (bold, neutral or faint) of colour tones and their use on clients.

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