External Education Assessment

An external education assessment is a layout that assesses the level of knowledge, skills, ideas and education of students who had not been part of a said university or institute, that is, a pre-admission assessment. Such an assessment may also be conducted on school or college students by an external examination authority involving teachers and examiners from outside the respective institution.

Sample External Education Assessment

Name of the institute: United States University for Higher Education in Social Sciences.

Assessment subjected to: Students applying newly for courses here.

Assessment done by: Mr. Robert Marc


Summary of the assessment:

The assessment is basically performed to test various skills, other than subject-based, in the students applying for admission at the particular point of time. These students quite easily clear their admission tests, which mainly test academic knowledge specifically based on the area of study, but it is equally important to assess them on the basis of their overall knowledge of the happenings of the world, their notions regarding the institution and the effect it has on the society, their views regarding education and the entire system of teaching and learning, their principles and, most importantly, their ability to grasp the various lessons taught differently. It is important that they exhibit clear concepts regarding whatever knowledge they have and hold their own beliefs strongly enough to help the society and also fight for it, if need be. Our prime concern is to produce socially responsible citizens and we make this very clear to all students from day one and thus proceed with the curriculum accordingly.

Pre-requisites for the assessment:

  • The student must be legally eligible for study.
  • All important identification documents should have already been provided in time.
  • Resume should clearly include all details of academic qualifications.
  • Application forms for admission should be submitted within the deadline provided by the University.

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