Facility Security Assessment

Facility security assessment is the analysis of the security measures deployed at a facility or particular building. A facility may refer to a place where something is facilitated or where one does something, for eg, a research facility, a medical facility etc. Like any other building, there must be effecting security features installed there for the protection of the people working there. In some facilities, there is a lot of confidential work going on and this means that extra care must be taken while letting outsiders inside and also there must be constant monitoring of the rooms so that there can be no unauthorized entry or attempt to steal information by intruders.

Sample Facility Security Assessment:

Name of building: Greyhound Research Facility

Address: 822 Johnsonville, New Jerseya

Objective of assessment: To study the security measures in the facility, to see if they are working according to the requirements, to identify any security threats and to suggest measures for maintaining the security of the place and the people

Assessment and limitations:

  • The security measures at the facility are fairly effective
  • There are 20 security cameras in and around the building and a control room where at least two security personnel are constantly present to monitor the facility

Security requirements:

  • A background check should be done on the security personnel to ensure they are loyal and not a threat to the organization
  • The security guard posted at the entrance of the facility must be trained better to identify intruders and only let those with authorization pass
  • The facility must improve on its communication systems

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