Family Health Assessment

Family heath assessment is a powerful tool used to gauge various health parameters of the family members present in a community or society. Health parameters that are to be determined may differ based on certain factors, but few important elements must always be presented properly so as to fulfill the purpose of the assessment.

Sample Family Health Assessment

Name of the organization conducting assessment: Department of Family Health and Education

Government of United Sates of America


A family health assessment is a dynamic and progressive tool used for assessing the health status of our citizen as well as aiding those families who need to make health related choices. To gauge the health related need and benefits of a particular American family various aspects are being assessed.

Name of the family participated in the assessment: Simon’s Family

Number of family members: 4 [2 adults, 2 children]

Contact Details: 97, Tobin Road, Blueberry House, South Minnesota, USA


  • Health Perception: This family perceives the ability to carry out day to day activities and is predicted to be cheerful and successful in maintaining health wellness as well.
  • Nutrition: Through assessment of their daily diet, it has been found that they generally tend to consume high calorific food. This needs to be cut short into a protein diet in order to maintain a healthy life ahead.
  • Medical Investigation: None of the members in this family have undergone any serious clinical or medical implications till date. Children are properly immunized at the exact time.

Conclusion: Researches on various factor shows that overall the family health is well maintained.

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