Fitness Assessment

The fitness assessment is a useful method through which fitness professionals are able to examine the effectiveness of their training programs on the client. It is important that the fitness professionals are able to give the best fitness training possible and the assessment helps to address the problem areas that need improvement. The assessment takes into account the overall before and after measurements of the body and the changes seen in terms of weight, fat-to-muscle ration and the time period of the training program.

Sample Fitness Assessment:

The Fitness Assessment has been conducted for ABC Fitness Groups by Expert Analyzers Ltd.

Name of Client: Elvin Gomez

Age: 22 years

Gender: Male

Fitness Training program opted:  Scarsdale Weight Loss Program

Time period: 2 months

Trainer: Michael Max

Client’s Physical Details before commencement of training program:

  • Weight: 145 lbs
  • Height: 5.2’’
  • BMI: 28 %
  • BMR: 24%

Exercise Routine Implemented:

  • Cardiovascular exercises (alternate days)
  • Abdomen exercises
  • Chest, buttocks and legs exercises

Aims of Fitness Program:

  • To ensure a weight loss of 14lbs in 2 months.
  • To reduce two and a half inches from the waist.
  • To tone the abdomen area
  • To increase metabolic rate through protein shakes and new diet routine introduced.
  • To ensure all training equipment is used for the exercise routines.


  • The client, Mr. Gomez, has shown a weight loss of 12.5 lbs after two months of training.
  • The abdomen area still requires proper toning and shows little improvement.

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