Fitness Self Assessment

A fitness self assessment is a very useful tool that helps an individual to make a self examination of his health. A very exact tool to begin with, it is very helpful as it allows the individual himself/herself to take the test making sure that he/she does not face any discomfort in answering the questions asked and doesn’t face any embarrassment while performing any specified exercise and so that the matter and its results remains solely confidential.

Sample Fitness Self Assessment

Name - Richard Robertson.

Age -33.

Height - 6 feet.

Weight - 76 kilos.

BMI - Normal.

The candidate was asked to answer the following questions truthfully:

These 10 questions are the basic questions that determine the physical fitness of the candidate; the result was later taken to a competent physical fitness physician for result.

1. Do you exercise regularly? YES

2. Would the people close to you describe you as healthy? YES

3. Do you smoke cigarettes? YES

4. Do you choose to limit the amount of sodium, fats and sugar and

Cholesterol in your diet and do you consume enough fiber at least 90% of the time? NO

5. Do you have special skills to identify and handle the excess stress and tension in your life? NO

6. If you tried an exercise program in the past and quit, do you understand the reasons why you stopped? NO

7. Will your close friends and relatives be supportive if you make some healthy changes in your life? YES

8. Do you do things during the day that take extra physical effort and energy? YES

9. Do you know how to take your pulse during exercise? NO

10. Do you want to improve your current level of fitness? NO

Result-Candidate is healthy and fit, although lacks technical knowledge of fitness and is also not interested in marinating a steady level of fitness.

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