Formal Education Assessment

A formal education assessment is an exercise aimed at understanding the problems plaguing a formal education course, or institution. Since it is an education sector assessment, the necessary parameters must be defined which shall affect the outcome of the assessment. The report of the formal education assessment must be tabulated in a proper manner in order to ensure that it is put to advantageous uses, and the flaws in the system are rectified.

Sample Formal Education Assessment:

Name of formal education institution conducting the assessment: Dale High School, New York

Year of establishment: 1991

Purpose of formal education assessment:

  • This formal education assessment has been commissioned by the Ministry of Education, Unites States Government, as part of its five year plans for improvement of education in secondary schools.
  • The purpose of this assessment is to trace any flaws in the current system adopted by most secondary schools across the country, and pinpoint the exact measures that have to be taken in order to bring about a change.

Factors being considered in the formal education assessment:

  • Teacher student ratio
  • A school’s performance in board examinations for the past five years
  • Extracurricular activities and other facilities like hostel that are offered to students
  • A school’s inclusivity of students from all sections of society

Performance of Dale High School: The school has excelled in imparting quality education to students over the last twenty years. It has shown admirable performance in each of the factors that we have considered. However, the school must increase its campus area as the current number of students is more than area offered by the school at present to be comfortably accommodated.

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