Four Types of Personality Assessments

Personality test or personality assessments is a standard instrument or a questionnaire which is used to evaluate the characteristics of an individual including honesty tests, personality test, psychological features and intelligence ratio. Nowadays employers are performing personality assessment or personality test to hire the employees. Here we will be discussing about four types of personality assessments.

Types of personality assessments

Myers-Briggs Test

The Myers-Briggs Personality Test or assessment is used to assess the personality. It is one of the most popular tools used to assess personality. A series of questions are given by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or a Master Practitioner, to evaluate one’s personality among 16 different types of personalities. This test is used for better personal understanding or in the work environment. It uses a four factor model. It mainly concentrates on the thinking and feeling of the people.

Keirsey Temperament Theory

Keirsey Temperament Theory is similar to that of Myers – Briggs personality test. It describes that there are two sides of a personality: the character and the temperament. The temperament indicates the tendency or desire of an individual to do something and the character indicates his/her habits. Keirsey determines four temperaments. Keirsey theory mainly concentrates on the behavior which can be observed directly. As Myers-Briggs personality test, Keirsey theory also includes 16 different personalities. According to Keirsey, there are 4 temperaments: idealist, coherent, defender and skilled personalities.

The Enneagram is a personality test which determines nine personality types using geometric figure which is called as enneagram. These nine different personality types are categorized into three sections. The first one is the Feeling Triad which includes the creator, helper, and the social climber. The second Triad includes the loyalist, the generalist, and the thinker. The last one is the Relating Triad which includes the leader, the reformer, and the peacemaker. Enneagram consists of a circle, triangle and hexagonal figures. Enneagram assessment consists of so many versions.

DISC assessment
It is a behavioral model. In the DISC assessment, the behavior of an individual is assessed. It is also used in the analysis of adapted style. DISC assessment is performed online now-a-days. This assessment involves in improving self knowledge, response to the difficulties or struggle, in solving the problems. It minimizes the team conflicts. It helps in understanding the requirements of workers or employees and team members. DISC helps in the sales growth, improving the leaders, improving the profits, hiring the employees or workers, understanding the employee or worker priorities.

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