Free Property Assessment

The free property assessment is a process wherein a particular property is examined according to the current market conditions. This is done when the owners decide to sell or lease out the place and also when potential buyers want to purchase a property on sale. The assessment keeps an account of various aspects of the property in question and should disclose any flaws or disadvantages associated with it. Such an assessment is also done to evaluate property tax and for other purposes as well. As the name suggests, a free property assessment is done without charging any cost.

Sample Free Property Assessment:

The following property assessment has been made by Wisconsin Real Estate Co., Wisconsin

Name of Property: Cherry Oak Gardens

Owner name: Mr. Reynolds Green

Type: Amusement park

Establishment Year: 1987

Property location: 34, Cheddar Lane, Wisconsin – 45

Objective of assessment: Mr. Reynolds has decided to provide the Cherry Oak Gardens on rent for the purpose of private parties. The property in question can be officially rented from 4.5.2011. We have narrowed down all assets and liabilities of the property and are looking for clients to rent the property.

Assets Overview:

  • The park is spacious and over 400 acres which makes it sufficiently spacious for a large gathering to be accommodated.
  • The property has also been open for common entrance and is well-known within the area.
  • There can also be certain provisions added as per the clients’ requirements.

Liabilities Overview:

  • The uneven ground makes it difficult for renting the property for certain occasions.
  • Low maintenance of the property has also led to the dilapidation of the park benches and other infrastructures within.

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