Free Psychological Assessment

A free psychological assessment is a written assessment or test report which is prepared by a certified psychologist to give an evaluation of a test conducted on a person. Such assessments are conducted for free of cost and help to identify the psychological condition or disorder in a person. A free psychological assessment is generally conducted by following certain steps or through surveys or questionnaires which the patient or client is asked to answer. Given below is a sample of a free psychological assessment:

Sample free psychological assessment:

Psychological assessment conducted by:  Dr. Greg Matt

Date of assessment: 17th June 2012

Address of assessment: 45-g, second floor, James road, LA

Name of client: Miss. Sophie Kell

Purpose of psychological assessment:

To examine the psychological condition of the patient so as to come to a conclusion about whether or not the patient suffers from any mental or psychological disorder or not.

To evaluate normal behavioural conditions and tendencies.

Observations of the assessment:

The results of the psychological assessment show that the individual showed normal attentiveness and stable eye contact. The patient took keen interest in the assessment and displayed no suicidal tendencies or depression symptoms. The patient seemed anxious and restless due to a hectic schedule and pressure of work.


The patient is recommended to take rest from work and is advised to relax the mind and the body.

The patient must learn to manage and handle the hectic schedules by practicing meditation or yoga.


Dr. Greg Matt

Dr. Sophie Kell

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