Free Reading Assessment

A free reading assessment is an evaluation of the reading skills of an individual, based on a scientific and rational way of understanding language, and the formative influences on an individual which help language skills to develop. Reading is a part of this exercise and thus, it is extremely important to ensure that candidates are speaking the language in the correct way. A free reading assessment is available for free downloading from the internet, but must be used cautiously by verifying its accuracy and quality.

Sample Free Reading Assessment:

Name of candidate: Jason Rogers

Date of free reading assessment: 23rd June 2012

Nature of test: The candidate has been asked to read two passages from popular classics which he was then questioned on. The candidate was judged on certain skills like reading and pronunciation, comprehension, style and cadence. The results of the test are mentioned below with a brief introduction of each component.

Reading and Pronunciation: The examinee is awarded 20 out of 30 in the reading section. His words have clarity, but the pace of reading must be slowed. Emphases must be applied in the right places and pauses too will have to be distributed more evenly.

Comprehension: The examinee is awarded 25 out of 30 in this section. He has shown an admirable grasp of meaning and sense of the passages.

Style and Cadence: These two are extremely important aspects of rhetoric which determines the impact a reader shall have on his audience. The candidate scores 20 on 30 in this section, but needs considerable improvement.

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