General Education Assessment

General education assessment is an exercise that tests the quality and foundation of the general education system of a state, a locality or even the entire country. It is a stock taking exercise, in a sense, and must be accorded the respect it deserves, as the health of the education system of a country prefigures the status and success of the country itself. The results of the general education assessment must be carefully documented for further reference and archival use.

Sample General Education Assessment:

Name of state for which a general education assessment is being organised: Texas

Purpose of such a general education assessment:

  • The general education assessment offers a broad picture of the state of education in the state of Texas.
  • It is an important pointer of the flaws in the system of education and can be used to usher in positive changes based on the recommendations offered in the report.
  • Professionals associated with merit and industriousness are a part of the panel set by the Ministry of Education to look into the state of the general education in the country. Their vast experience is invaluable in this general education assessment.

Number of schools in Texas: 200

Number of primary schools: 100

Number of secondary schools: 100

Number of schools with the government accreditation of ‘A’: 165 [check overleaf for a key to government accreditations]

Changes that need to be made to upgrade general education system in the state of Texas:

  • More schools need to upgrade their infrastructure in order to be granted the highest government accreditations.
  • Schools need to include counselling as a mandatory part of their structure.

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