General Health Assessment

General health assessment is an investigation into the general health of society, an institution or even an individual. Being a vague descriptive label, a general health assessment can be of many kinds. A general health assessment must be critically looked into, and it must be precise and accurate. Reports of such assessment must be documented carefully so that maximum benefit can be derived from it.

Sample General Health Assessment:

General health assessment conducted on: Sun Dale High School, New York

Year of establishment: 2001

Address: 37B, New Red Street, New York

Number of students: 1200

Purpose of general health assessment:

  • This general health assessment is an indication of the general state of child health in our country. A general health assessment is an accurate reflection of the current illnesses which our children face.
  • A school falls under the Category 1 of high risk zone. Since it is a public domain and chances of infection are high, schools are particularly in need of periodic general health assessments.
  • This general health assessment has been initiated by the Ministry of Health, Government of United States as part of its “Health for All” campaign aimed at improving general wellbeing of citizens and creating public awareness of common malaises.


  • The most common ailment threatening students now is obesity.
  • School canteens have been advised to improve the quality of food available to students.
  • Obesity is a pressing concern which must be addressed immediately as it leads to a number of secondary ailments which can take a complex shape.

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