Government Career Assessment

Government career assessments are done to evaluate the acumen possessed by a prospective employee to hold a government job. It conceptualises the need for the psychological, cognitive and educational factors that directly contribute to one’s success in a government job. It must be completely employee-oriented so that all aspects are covered by it.

Sample Government Career Assessment

Name of the candidate: George Mackenzie

Purpose of assessment: This would help the candidate choose his career in a government firm according to his mental make-up and emotional features.

Date of assessment: 14th December, 2011

Educational qualification: Masters in History

Career objective: Administrative Officer in Government Agency


  • Educational skills come first that include complete mastery and specialization in one’s field of work reflected in good grades and academic performances.

  • An experience varying from a three month period to one year period is desirable for a basic assistantship job to a higher level managerial job respectively.

  • Computer application skills are very important in this age of technology where data is manoeuvred through software and programmed instructions only.

  • Most government jobs are analytical or administrative in nature. Good leadership and administrative skills must be demonstrated by the employees to manage teams.

Assessment Report:

  • The concerned person has a good grip on languages like English and French. So he is expected to do the task of a translator effortlessly.
  • He has been found good at decision-making and team-leading tasks useful for administration purpose.
  • He has qualified in basic management tasks like in operation of Microsoft Office and data management software programs.

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