Graduate Student Assessment

A graduate student assessment is an essential analyzing tool used to judge the capabilities and educational standard of a student who has completed his/her bachelor’s degree and is aiming for a job or higher education in the near future. The assessment can be of self type where the assessee measures his own capabilities or it can be conducted by some external bodies. Also, the assessment taken can be general or can be of specific type pertaining to a particular subject.

Sample Graduate Student Assessment Example

Name of student: Oliver Goldsmith.

Age: 21 years.

College: Stratford College.

Subject of Graduation: English

Date of evaluation: May 21, 2012

Conducted by: Stratford Advertising and Media, California.

Tests undertaken by the candidate:

  • Fluency at pronouncing words: The candidate has scored 17 on 20 in this round. He was asked to read a page from a Shakespearean play where his clarity and fluency at speaking words were adjudged.
  • Writing and vocabulary test: This test is purely subject based and as the candidate is a student of English, he was asked to write down a passage of 600 words on a current topic and was marked by the prominence of his grammar and vocabulary skills. Score is12 out of 20.
  • Literature skills: Again a purely subject based test, the candidate was asked to answer specific questions on literary history, poetic revolutions, poets and their impact on literature. The candidate fared very well in this test and received a 20 on 20 in the segment.
  • Memory Test: The candidate is asked to repeat a number of terms chronologically after he is allowed to memorize the terms over a period of time. Score is12 on 20

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