Hayes Technology Assessment

Hayes technology assessment is basically a health technology assessment conducted by Hayes Inc. to help health industries make better technological choices. It is an evidence-based assessment that involves reviewing of the technologies used in the health sector and aims to guide medical personnel in choosing technologies that would best serve their medical purposes.

Sample Hayes Technology Assessment

Hayes Technology Assessment

Assessment conducted by: Hayes Inc.

Assessment conducted for: Ministry of Health, Alabama.

Assessment conducted on: March 15, 2012.

Subject of assessment: Health Technology, Goodlife Hospitals.

Objective of the assessment:

To assess the efficacy, quality and safety quotient of the health technologies used in the Goodlife Hospitals through reports based on evidences and thereby, study the role these technologies play in improving the healthcare quality of the hospitals.

Health Technologies used in the hospital:

Diagnostic technologies.

Surgical equipments.

Technology for oncological treatment.

Technology for prevention of glaucoma.

Blood transfusion technologies.

Assessment Procedure:

  • Step one: The first step of the assessment involves a comprehensive background research on the intricacies on the concerned health technologies. This involves a detailed study of the various aspects of these health technologies: their purpose, functions, operational issues and impact on the healthcare quality of the hospital.
  • Step two: The second step involves an evidence-based survey of the health technologies. This meant reviewing of the hospital’s license papers, the working condition of the technologies used and investigating whether the concerned staffs are qualified enough to handle such technologies.
  • Step three: The third step involves examination of various case studies that throw light on the efficacy of these health technologies and thereby enables the assessor to form his own opinion about the contribution of these technologies on the improvement of healthcare quality provided by the hospital.


The technologies used in the hospital are all extremely relevant, effective and patient-friendly.

The hospital staffs are found to be trained enough to operate these technologies.

The technologies used contribute immensely to improving the quality of healthcare offered by the hospital. 

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