Health Assessment Format

Health assessments are conducted by various health organizations or medical institutes to analyze the fitness rate of an individual. Through such kind of assessment health experts could analyze the physical requirement of an individual as well. Therefore a well designed health assessment format could effectively help in collecting valuable results.

Sample Health Assessment Format

Name of the person ___________________

Age __________________

First Paragraph: The first paragraph should effectively elucidate the purpose of the assessment so that it could help the respondent to understand its objective and answer accordingly. Even it could help the respondent to understand its importance. Moreover, it should also frame such questionnaire to examine the current health condition of the respondent as well. This is because through it rest of the assessment document could be analyzed.

Second Paragraph: The second paragraph should help assess the disease complications of the respondent and diagnosis techniques implemented by him or her for curing it. This paragraph should also emphasize on certain areas like gland secretion, body temperature, glucose and blood pressure etc. Even it can also stress on the areas if any surgical implications have been done before or not.

Third Paragraph: The final or third paragraph should assess the respondent’s nutrient level. This helps the assessment compiler to understand whether the respondent is taking the right nutritious food or not. This section also emphasize on lifestyle disorder or common problems of the body. Through this part of the documentation even a minute issue related to health can be eliminated if it is rightly assessed.

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