Health Assessment Template

A health assessment template is an outline of health analysis. It should not be made with speculation. Rather it must be sketched out with the help of scientifically tested procedures. It must be worked out correctly so that it can accurately diagnose and identify the health issues of the client.

Sample Health Assessment Template

Health assessment conducted by: ______________________________ [Provide the name of the externally sourced assessment agency]

Health assessment commissioned by: ___________________________ [Cite the name of the institution or department which has requested for the health assessment]

Date of submission of health assessment report: ____________________________ [Provide the appropriate date]

Nature of health: ________________________ [Mention the nature of the health which is to be assessed whether physical/psychological/physiological]

Region of concern:

  • Area of concern 1: ____________________________
  • Area of concern 2: ____________________________
  • Area of concern 3: _____________________________ [Mention the areas of risk factors associated with the client’s health which is to be assessed]

Health assessment tests used:

  • Test 1: _________________________________
  • Test 2: _________________________________
  • Test 3: _________________________________ [Enumerate the procedures and equipments used for this health assessment]

Treatments recommended by the health assessment unit: ____________________ [Briefly point out the treatment procedures that will be beneficial to the client’s quick recovery]

Final report of the health assessment: _____________________________________ [Briefly demonstrate the findings of the assessment and cite the present health status of the client. Give the possible ways of improvement and the prospects of the treatment regimen]

For a session on therapy, please contact us on the number given below. The health assessment report is duly signed and handed over to the respective client.

Download Health Assessment Template

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