Health Risk Assessment

A health risk assessment is basically an appraisal type document that evaluates the health conditions and various potential threats, to an individual or community. Such an assessment is important since it is meant to provide a detailed report of the various risks to the health of living beings. The final verdict often leads to certain promotional programmes which ensure well-being to all and should thus be accurate and presented lucidly.

Sample Health Risk Assessment

Name of the individual subject to health risk assessment: Johann Gill

Age: 36 years

Sex: Male

Weight: 80 kilograms.

Height: 5’6”

Blood pressure level: 170 mm Hg/ 100 mm Hg

Family medical history:

4 out of 5 men in Johann’s family lead a normal lifestyle and do not suffer from any sort of addiction. They are quite healthy even at older ages and do not have major health risks to their existence.

Personal medical history of Johann:

Johann was of the age of 16 when he started smoking and was trying out vodka as well. It later increased to such a level that he has now become an addict of both tobacco and alcohol. His blood pressure level is quite abnormally high and he is already affected with gastric ulcer and moderate asthma.

Health risk assessment:

  • Johann has been diagnosed with high pressure problems, which need to be curbed at the earliest. He needs to follow a restricted diet, compromising of light food, oats, fish and enough of water and fruits such as apple, grapes, banana, etc.
  • He needs to quit smoking at the earliest; else it won’t be too late before he’ll need a cancer treatment.
  • It is important that Johann reduces his weight as it is the prime reason for many a health problems.

Health risk assessment prepared by: Dr. Samuel Rogers


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