Health Technology Assessment

A health technology assessment is an outline of the various technological innovations that are aimed at the development of health conditions by the use of various medicines, surgical methods, pathology techniques. It is basically an assessment of all those devices, organizational procedures and systems, pharmaceuticals, etc. to improve the level of health care. Such an assessment is helpful in diagnosis of diseases and their prevention, promotion of health, rehabilitation and after-care also.

Sample Health Technology Assessment

Name of the health centre organizing the assessment: New Life Health Care Companies

Title of the health technology: “Glaucoma Prevention and Control”.

Assessment prepared by: Mr. Joseph Mark

Head of the Department [Optic care]

Summary of the health technology:

The health technology under discussion is a medicine, in form of suspension, which has been developed for the effective treatment of the serious optical problem of Glaucoma. The liquid has been prepared by the best experts to help prevent this tremendously dangerous disease.

Purpose of the assessment:

Glaucoma can pose to be very dangerous and even cause permanent blindness. Hence it is important to properly assess the technology and then implement it, since any single mistake may prove to be unsafe for eyes, which are perhaps the most sensitive of all human organs and thus demand proper care and concern.

Assessment methodology:

  • The primary assessment involves a comprehensive research of the particular health technology in a number of databases, say 32, to produce effective results.
  • A thorough knowledge and clear understanding of the concept of eye care is to be wisely used in conducting reviews and evaluation procedures that will clinically prove the effectiveness of the solution so developed and thus study its impact in disease prevention and care, gradually.
  • The content of the entire technological base and its administration should be well-coordinated with the social and ethical factors of the health policies.

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