Higher Education Assessment

A higher education assessment is an investigation into the quality of higher education offered by educational or coaching institutes. Since this is an educational assessment, care should be taken to ensure that the necessary parameters are kept in mind. The reports of the higher education assessment must be tabulated in a proper manner to ensure that maximum benefit is derived from the higher education assessment. .

Sample Higher Education Assessment:

Name of higher educational institution: Sun dale Park High School

Address: 34B New Street, New York

Purpose of higher education assessment:

  • This higher education assessment is a document which identifies, under the government’s scheme of Higher Education Welfare, the state of higher education in our country, the malaise plaguing our schools, and suggests ways of improvement.
  • It gives us an idea of the changes that need to be made and the strengths of the higher education system of the country.
  • It is also a comprehensive guides for parents on which schools offer the best education for their wards.

Factors considered:

  • Student teacher ratio: The success of a school largely depends on the amount of personal attention each student receives. This is not possible in a higher educational institution with a low teacher student ratio.
  • Academic results in Board examinations in the past five years: A school will ultimately be judged on its academic performance.

Results of the school: The school has an admirably high teacher student ratio which is an indication of the care with which students are taught. Even less meritorious students are given the personal attention they so desperately need and this is encouraging indeed

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