Home Assessment Format

A home assessment format is a guiding document which provides home assessors with an idea of how to conduct such an enquiry. A home assessment can be of many kinds like home security assessment, home risk assessment, home insurance assessment and so on. Thus, care should be taken to present a document which is organized, clear and easily understandable. The format in which the home assessment results must be presented should have its distinctive style.

Sample Home Assessment Format:

Home assessment conducted by:

The name of the organization conducting the home assessment must be mentioned here so that the nature of the home assessment becomes clear immediately. The professional qualification of the assessors can be added to provide credibility to the assessment.

Purpose of the home assessment:

The reasons for which the home assessment has been performed must be mentioned so that there is clarity and transparency. The date of the home assessment must also be mentioned for further reference.

Parameters of the home assessment:

The considerations kept in mind while conducting the home assessment must be specified. For example, in a home risk assessment, the nature of insurance cover, the amount of premium paid and such details must be mentioned in order to determine the magnitude of the risk which the property faces.

Findings obtained in home assessment:

The results of the home assessment must be clearly enunciated. This must be done in an orderly and organized manner, in the form of a list of findings. Each finding can then be examined in turn and comments may be added.

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