Home Assessments

Home assessments are important documents containing a surveyed picture of the structure, position, components, and such other factors that define a proper home. The assessment of a certain home is particularly essential for the residents to be assured that the place they are living at is in a perfect state. Also, home assessments are often conducted for the use of tenants who would like to rent a home or new buyers who would like to own it. Hence, a home assessment should be performed carefully and properly to ensure that it covers all the important aspects of the condition of that particular home, and no area is left behind, hidden or skipped in the process.

Home assessments are performed for a variety of homes, depending on their types, surrounding areas, location, size, structure, etc., but the basic aspects remain almost the same. The assessment, irrespective of its purpose or the type of home, should contain the following few points:

  • The identification details of the specific home is very important, by its name (if any), address, nearby landmark, name of proprietor, date and year of building, and such other relevant details.
  • The structure of the home should then be assessed. The materials and equipments used and installed are to be studied thoroughly and a report of authenticity needs to be provided.
  • The purpose of the home assessment can be stated briefly, with clear representation of the various factors considered for assessment.
  • The parameters of home assessment should be mentioned and ratings given accordingly.

Sample Home Assessment

Home Assessment Format

Home Assessment Template

Home Value Assessment

Home Property Assessment

Home Tax Assessment

Home Safety Assessment

Home Security Assessment

Home Risk Assessment

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