Home Risk Assessment

A home risk assessment is an analysis of the security risks to an individual’s home, usually done by a home risk assessment organization. Apart from security concerns, a home risk assessment can also include other kinds of damage prevention including a thorough assessment of insurance cover, legal liabilities, usage of house and so on. In order to be effective, the findings of a home risk assessment must be recorded in a concise and comprehensive manner.

Sample Home Risk Assessment:

The following home risk assessment has been conducted by Home Security Solutions Pvt. Ltd, at the express request of our client Talbot and Godfrey, a law firm representing Mr. Clive Jones. Mentioned below are a brief outline of the results found, the considerations on which the property was assessed, and the changes that must be made to improve home security.

Location of property: 45 Madison Range Road, New Castle, California

Date of purchase of home lease: 3rd June 1990

Considerations taken into account while assessing home risk:

  • Insurance cover [two insurance covers with a combined value of 20 million USD] is up to date. Premiums have been paid on time.
  • House is completely burglar proof.
  • House is used for residential purposes only; hence there is no presence of any toxic or inflammable material in the house.
  • Close circuit cameras and other such gadgets have been installed.
  • The house taxes are in order.

Changes suggested:

  • The house must be made more fire resistant.
  • There is a greater need to make the house more suited for elderly inhabitants.
  • The insurance covers in use must be expanded to include the clause of damage by natural disasters as well.

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