Home Safety Assessment

A home safety assessment is an analysis of the security conditions in a person’s home. This is done to establish the need for improvement of home security, tightening of existing security systems and generally protecting the house from burglars, unwanted intruders and so on. A homes safety assessment can be done by the members of a household, or it can be done in a more professional manner by an external agency competent in such assessments.

Sample Home Safety Assessment:

Location of property: 23 Abingdon Street, London-32

Nature of property for which a security assessment has been performed: Residential bungalow

Home owner: Mr. Jason Gilbert, Chief Executive Officer, National British Bank.

Date of completion of home safety assessment: 23rd June 2011

Home safety assessment completed by: Safety Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Features of the home safety assessment report:

  • There are a total of fifteen security cameras [all of them surveillance cameras, model GR34775] installed in the house.
  • The house is burglar proof and an emergency line has been installed between the house and the nearest police station which will get activated as soon as the burglar alarm is set off.
  • All personnel working in the house as domestic labor and other household staff have been investigated and their antecedents traced. They have found to be clear of any criminal records or suspicious doings.
  • The house is insured for an amount of 22 million pounds. All papers are in order as far as the insurance agreement is concerned.

Our verdict: The home safety assessment team declares the safety measures in this property to be sound and secure. No changes are recommended at present.

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