Home Security Assessment

A home security assessment is an analysis of the safety measures that have been, or should be, installed in order to make a house safe from the interference of unwanted people, burglars, and others with an evil intention. It is expedient to make one’s home as fool proof as possible and this can be done in a short time, with relatively less expenditure due to modern technology. A survey is needed before the necessary changes are made and this survey is called a home security assessment.

Sample Home Security Assessment:

Location of property assessed: 24 A Belvedere Mansions, Cartingham, London

Home owner: Mr. Hans Barclay

Date of conducting home security assessment: 12th June 2011

Home security assessment conducted by: Martin Lewisham, Head, Security, Private Eye Pvt. Ltd.

Purpose of home security assessment:

  • The client has been on our security rolls from the year 2010. We have undertaken to make his home safe and burglar proof after repeated break-ins.
  • The first home security assessment was conducted in 2010, and security measures were taken. The above security assessment is a reassessment of the existing security measures.

Security measures currently in operation in the house:

  • 5 close circuit surveillance cameras
  • Emergency dial up connection between the burglar alarm and the nearest police station
  • Two burglar alarms, activated at all times
  • One greyhound, personal pet of the owner, but trained by our dog squad to detect any signs of break-in.

Changes suggested: increasing the number of surveillance cameras from 5 to 7, including the garden within the ambit of security.

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