Home Value Assessment

A home value assessment is an exercise in which a house or any residential property is valued including all its assets as per current real estate valuations. Such an assessment is usually carried out prior to selling the house or property. Sometime, such an assessment is also conducted for the purpose of tax evaluation. Since property is considered to be an asset, it has to be periodically valued keeping in mind the rising levels of inflation and surging real estate valuations.

Sample Home Value Assessment:

Nature of property to be assessed: Residential property

Property belongs to: Mr. John Gloss

Current valuation of the property: 30 million USD

Purpose of home valuation: The property mentioned above will be sold in the month of July, 2011. Thus, the price of the home property shall be fixed based on the current real estate pricings taking into account all the movable and on-movable assets of the home property.

Home value assessment conducted by: PriceFixers Pvt. Ltd.

Date of conducting home value assessment: 2nd February 2011

Considerations taken into account while valuing home:

  • The home property shall be sold fully furnished. Hence, the furniture [most of which is of high-finish mahogany] has been taken into consideration while determining the final price of the house.
  • Location of property: The home property is located in a central and well connected locality, and thus, the price has been determined keeping its accessibility and that of basic necessities like hospitals, post officer, tube stations etc. in mind.

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