House Property Assessment

A house property assessment is a document that is prepared to evaluate the prospects of a certain house property. The document should specifically contain details of the valuation of the property, nature of house and its location, orientation, conditions of sales, and other such factors to judge the real status of the house, etc. Hence, a house property assessment would serve as an official record of all the essential aspects and particulars of a house property and the respective method of assessing the same.

Sample House Property Assessment:

Details of the house property: 18/C, Lansdowne Apartments

33, Street ford Avenue

New York

Identification of the property: The said property is a house in a multiple-storied apartment located in a healthy environment. Mr. John Brown, employee at General Stores, New York, owns the property for the last five years, but would now want to sell it off to someone at reasonable prices.

Assessment conducted by: U.S Property Analysts

Objectives of assessment:

  • The assessment is being conducted prior to the sale of the property to ensure a thorough study of all the aspects included, such as details of the flat and its structure, availability of necessary resources, etc.
  • The assessment will provide an insight into the true nature of the house and help in estimating of the property‚Äôs costs.

Conclusions from house property assessment:

Positive Aspects:

  • The location of the house is just suitable for residential purposes, as it is well surrounded by a clean and green area, has shopping areas and markets nearby, hospital, play area, and even a playschool for kids and an educational centre.
  • The house is a three-bedroom, one large hall, two bathrooms, one cooking area, and one verandah structure, with ample number of doors and windows. It is a well-aired and ventilated house where one can stay with comfort.
  • The taxes of the house have been paid within time and there are no pending payments or debts being secretly transferred with the sale of the house.

Negative Aspects:

  • The house has been left unused for the last one and a half year and is somewhat untidy.
  • The electricity and water supply lines are presently disconnected.

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