How to write Assessments for Students

Assessment reports describe the candidate’s abilities or skills. While writing the assessments for students, particular subject skills should be considered mainly. In this article how to write assessments for students is described.

Writing assessments for students

Analysis should be done for each chosen skill. There are different types of assessment methods which can assess independent skill or multiple skills. Collect the information of student’s behavior, performance by determining each assessment area. While writing the assessments for students, the teacher’s name, candidate’s name and the score or grade of the candidate should be mentioned on top of the report.

The heading of the each section should be highlighted. Provide space on the top and bottom of each section for easy differentiation. Describe the performance of the student in every skill set. Include the areas where the students are performing well and where they need improvement. Describe the details of how the assessment is carried out.

For the skills or subjects use bullet points. Write the appropriate assessment score for each section. Describe the strengths and weaknesses of the students by explaining the facts clearly. If the negative points are written, those points should follow the positive ideas stating the students of how to improve in those areas.

While writing the assessments, the student’s skills, behavior, abilities can be mentioned.

Editing of the reports should be done to check the grammar, the data and for the spelling mistakes. If there is a doubt in any written comment then another teacher’s assistance may be taken to get the second opinion.

For writing portfolio assessment, the photos, activities, journal entries etc., should be included. Homeworks are not included in this. Hands on performances should be considered here. Try to create list of the scores. Try to summarize the conclusions and describe the background information of the topic.

Add important comments in the border and give the broad comments at the end. Use a professional language in writing; avoid commenting jokes that may disturb the student.

An introduction should be written in which the evaluation reason, description of the work which is assessed should be included. Try to begin with a positive comment.

The writing should include active verbs. It should include the level of competence if required. Writing should be simple and specific. It should clearly describe the learning outcomes of the students. Expected abilities of the students may also be described.

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