Information Technology Assessment

An Information Technology Assessment is chiefly a well documented survey that is based on the IT techniques of a business or a company. These assessments are generally conducted by professionals or agencies in exchange of a fee. It ensures the betterment of a client company through advanced and improved IT solutions.

Sample Information Technology Assessment:

IT assessment conducted by: Dot Com Solutions

Date of the assessment: 08/01/12

Name of the client company: Wilson’s Pvt Ltd.

Purpose of the assessment:

  • Analysis of Wilson’s Pvt Ltd. for checking it’s compatibility to meet the client company’s needs.

Chief Observations of the assessment:

  • About 34 desktops are connected to five unmanaged mother SINCO LD4 switches. The connections are nevertheless quite secure.
  • The Wi-Fi strength is not up to the mark as compared to the huge strength of PCs that are used. An increase in the strength of Wi-Fi is suggested.
  • The wireless connection is accessible through Blackberry and Apple phones.

Necessary changes that are to be made:

  • Special attention must be given to the training sessions of the IT professionals.
  • Lack of well documentation could create a significant mishap during a major fault. Special care must be given to check the network route as early as possible.
  • The Wi-Fi strength is to be definitely increased in accordance to the number of computers and size of the office.


The company could not rank high in terms of the technical skills and organisational capacities unless the changes suggested are implemented.

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