Insurance Assessment Template

Insurance assessment template is a pre-built layout which creates provision for delineating the process of appraising a person’s benefit from an insurance policy and identifies its shortcomings also. This layout is also being used to determine the type of insurances that are the most preferred. Thus, it should be so constructed that it must have essential lineation devoted to the purpose.

Sample Insurance Assessment Template

Insurance Assessment Document Code: ___________ [specify the document with a unique code of reference]

Insurance assessment conducted by: _____________ [specify the name of the organization by which the insurance assessment is being conducted]

Insurance assessment conducted on: ______________ [specify if any particular insurance is to be assessed or it is the general one]

Date: _____________ [specify the date on which the assessment is being conducted]

Name of the person: ________________ [mention the name of the individual whose insurance policies are to be assessed]

Contact details: ____________ [state the contact details so that the particular individual could be contacted in case of future need]

Objective of the insurance assessment: [State the objective of the authority behind conducting this insurance assessment. This would help the respondent to determine the intention of the particular authority and response accordingly]

Features and Findings: [State each features that is being assessed along with the findings related to each one of it.]

Feature 1:

Findings of Feature 1: _______________________

Feature 2:

Findings of Feature 2: _______________________

Feature 3:

Findings of Feature 3: _______________________

Conclusion: [A clear line of conclusion has to be drawn based upon the factors that is being assessed]


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