Insurance Perspective Assessment

An insurance perspective assessment is a document which outlines the manner in which a team of insurance consultants, or highly placed insurance agents, must survey a particular client or object of insurance in order to determine the safety and business suitability of providing insurance over for large amounts. This is part of procedure in most companies, both nationalised and private.

Hence, such an assessment is a critical document which must be carefully written with great foresight and understanding of what was being checked for, and what the results were. The insurance perspective assessment must be tabulated in the form of a report, and it must be supplemented by the necessary evidence in terms of facts and figures.

Sample Insurance Perspective Assessment

The following is an extract from the Insurance Perspective Assessment provided by Silicon Insurance Agency Pvt. Ltd. to the client Jonathan Rosewood, on the 13th of June 2011. The complete and original document is available on written request from our office.

Property located at:12 Bedford Avenue,Linsington Street,New Jersey.

Purpose of insurance perspective assessment:

  • This insurance perspective assessment is part of procedural policy, and is conducted when an insurance cover of over 3 million USD on any piece of property or real estate is demanded of us by clients.
  • The insurance perspective assessment is also needed as Federal regulations insisted on such a procedural investigation.

Investigating panel comprises of: Leonard Cohen, James Watson, Peter Berry and Fiona Roberts, senior insurance perspective consultants.

Parameters checked for:

  • Safety equipment present in building.
  • Precautions taken in building construction keeping in mind the fire disasters and natural calamities.

To obtain the complete investigate report, please contact our office staff. The information contained therein is restricted and under certain confidentiality clauses. Hence, only written permission shall be accepted by us.

For more details, contact us at 38464756, 356475643

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