Internal Education Assessment

Internal education assessment is prepared in form of a document that serves to be of immense help for any educational institution, be it of primary or secondary level or even higher studies. It is basically an evaluation process wherein a student’s overall academic performance is judged by internal faculty members, at regular intervals.

Sample Internal Education Assessment

Name of the school: Renaissance School for Advanced Learning

Internal education assessment prepared by: Miss Jeremy Gomes

Class teacher

Assessment done on: 27th July, 2011

Students being assessed: Standard VII, Section – C

Assessment objectives:

  • The system of external grading does not work well for most children and they fail miserably at times, due to a number of reasons such as extra stress, unclear concepts, etc. A regular assessment procedure will help them in solving these problems and performing better in the final exams.
  • Most children do not study regularly and later on face difficulties to cope up at the exact time. An internal assessment will not only instill the habit of regular study but will also help them form a clear basis in all subjects.
  • In this method of internal education assessment, questions are set by respective subject teachers and results are also evaluated by them. This system benefits both students and teachers because while the former gets to go through his/ her own mistakes, the latter can analyze the performance of the student and determine the areas of development.

Assessment format:

  • A test will be held after completion of each chapter or some section of study, and the marks will have an impact on the final grades.
  • A series of tests will be conducted all throughout the academic year, and the summation of all marks will be converted to 50% of the total marks.
  • All students should compulsorily be subjected to assessment, and the reports will be sent to parents.

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