International Education Assessment

An international education assessment is a layout that is meant to evaluate the various essential skills and the required knowledge for qualification in international studies. The very act of stepping out of one’s own country and the known surroundings, for education in some other nation, is an important issue in an individual’s academic career and should thus be handled very carefully. Hence such an assessment should be clear, concise and accurate.

Sample International Education Assessment

Name of the institution conducting the assessment: United States Education Board

Name of the student being assessed: Miss Samaria Jane

M.Sc. in Economics, JNU (New Delhi)


The student has applied for a scholarship to aid her research work in the field of “integrated study in microeconomics”. The process of granting her a scholarship involves a rigorous assessment which, if she qualifies, will provide her with the opportunity to conduct a two-year research project completely free of all costs related to the project.

Assessment criterion fulfilled by Samaria:

  • The student has scored an average of 85% at all levels of study in school, basically at the secondary level boards or external exams.
  • The applicant has a very strong hold over English and possesses excellent communicative as well as interpersonal skills.
  • Graduation marks have been above average in all semesters.
  • Academic records suggest that she has also scored remarkably high marks in her master’s course, which adds to her assessment grades.

Miss Samaria Jane has exhibited a thorough knowledge in international economics and also a clear concept of western culture and is thus expected to fare academically as well as intellectually well in this research work.

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