IT Assessment Format

An IT assessment format is a document which contains an outline of the manner in which such IT assessments must be represented. An IT assessment format must be specific and relevant to the needs of the client company. Since there are many kinds of IT assessments, like IT systems assessment, IT capability assessment and so on, an IT assessment format must be generalized enough to be adopted for different kinds of assessments.

Sample IT Assessment Format:

IT assessment conducted by:

Mention the name of the external professional agency which is entrusted with the responsibility of conducting an IT assessment. Mention also the professional capacity and prior experience of the organization in order to ensure that the IT assessment report format gains credibility as well as transparency

Client company for which the IT assessment is to be conducted:

Name the client for which the IT assessment has to be conducted. Ensure that relevant professional details of the client company are mentioned, like kind of professional organization, nature of work done and so on.

Necessities of the client company:

The immediate and pressing IT specification needs of the client company which has to be identified and rectified by the IT assessing company must be mentioned here. In order to add more clarity, the current IT system setup of the client company must also be mentioned.

Recommendations made by the IT assessing company:

In this section, the flaws in the client company’s system must be identified and suggestions for the rectification of the same must be made. This will also form the concluding paragraph of the IT assessment report and is the most important part.

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