IT Assessment Template

An IT assessment template is a document which provides the basic structure of an IT assessment report, which is the documented presentation of the findings of an IT assessment company regarding their client’s IT system setup. Thus, an IT assessment template must be carefully written so that it may be adapted for more specific and particularized documents as well. An IT assessment template must be written keeping the nature of the assessment in mind.

Sample IT Assessment Template:

Name of the IT assessment company: ____________________________ [Mention the name of the company which has been given the task of completing the survey and diagnosis of the IT system of another company or business enterprise]

Date of IT assessment: ________________________ [Mention the relevant date]

Name of Client Company: ________________________________ [Mention the name of the company whose technical system needs to be expanded, checked or altered]

Purpose of IT assessment:

  • Purpose 1: _______________________________
  • Purpose 2: _______________________________
  • Purpose 3: _______________________________ [mention some of the reasons on account of which the IT assessment exercise has been conducted]

System specifications as currently used by the client company: ___________________________________________________ [Mention the details of the IT system currently in use in the client company. Enumerate the flaws in the system as well]

Changes which need to be incorporated in order to change or improve the IT setup of the client company: ___________________________________ [Mention the findings obtained by the assessing company and mention why the changes have to be made]

Comments and suggestions: __________________________________ [Mention some final comments which will conclude the IT assessment report]

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