IT Business Assessment

An IT business assessment is a document which contains the findings of an IT assessment for a business organization. It is a professional document which must be suitably business-like. It should be factually correct and carefully written, to incorporate all the findings of the assessors. Suggestions must be provided to better the IT setup of the company or the business organization and a few words about the resources needed for the same must also be mentioned.

The document is a very important one and must be written by a professional who is well-versed in the technicalities of presenting an IT business assessment report. The report can also be supplemented by facts and figures to make a bigger impact.

Sample IT Business Assessment

The following IT business assessment is an extract from the IT assessment conducted on the client company Jover’s Pvt. Ltd. on the 12th of May 2011. The IT assessment has been conducted by Dots Pvt. Ltd.

Aims of the IT business assessment:

  • To inquire into the current and existing IT setup of the business organization mentioned above.
  • To plug in gaps between the requirements and the actual IT infrastructure of the client company.
  • To ensure that the IT assessment for the business organization serves as a valuable document.

Findings obtained:

  • Currently there are 50 desktops attached or connected to ten unmanaged mother SINCO LD4 switches. The connections are stable and firm.
  • The Wi-Fi strength of the company is poor despite the number of terminals using it. This has to be attended to immediately.
  • The creation of a trained and well equipped employee force  who can handle primary IT snags and perform the requisite backup until professional help  arrives is extremely crucial.

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