IT Capability Assessment

An IT capability assessment is a process by which the IT configurations and organization in a certain company or business enterprise are thoroughly analyzed in order to mark the need for improvement in certain specific capability areas. It must be undertaken by a professional organization using systems which can help generate an idea of how to go about assessing the IT needs of a company. The findings of the IT capability assessment must be carefully documented in order to be implemented and thus, they will bring about an improvement in the IT setup of the company.

Sample IT Capability Assessment:

Name of company whose IT capability is to be assessed: Sun Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Name of company assessing the IT capability of aforementioned company: ITWhiz. Pvt. Ltd.

Date of It capability assessment: 23rd June 2011

Purpose of IT capability assessment:

  • To assess the IT operation setup and communication systems in the client company.
  • To enable changes to be made based on the recommendations of our IT capability assessment team.

IT capability assessment standard used by our team: COBIT.

Considerations which were kept in mind while assessing the It capability of the client company:

  • Organization and planning methods
  • Implementation
  • Delivery and support levels
  • Careful assessment and monitoring levels

Results obtained after thorough it capability assessment:

  • The client company has effectively addressed the problems of file system management, backup management, hardware and software inventorying, using IT as communication system, clearing data backlogs and so on.
  • However, more organization needs to be introduced in basic configuration management tasks, and improving the technical knowledge of the personnel in the company.

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